African American Food


We are grateful to the individuals who shared their expertise, recipes and love for cooking with us. This book was a collaborative effort, made possible by many people in the African American community in Lancaster County, various community groups, and church congregations. A special thanks to all who shared recipes, ideas, and tips for this book. In the interest of space and due to an overwhelming response, not all submitted recipes and tips were included in the final version.

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The nutrient analysis for the recipes was done by a registered dietitian using Food Works Version 9.0 copyright 2007. Nutrient values were rounded according to federal rules for declaring nutrients—the same rules used for food labeling. Please consider the nutrient values as estimates with some degree of variation possible depending on the specific brand names of ingredients used. Optional ingredients were not included in the analysis. Where two or more ingredients are suggested, the first was used in the analysis. Also, when the number of servings for a recipe appears as a range (for example, 4 to 6 servings), the nutrient analysis applies to the per person portion for the first number (i.e., per person for 4 servings).

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