Consistency Gets Results


The value and goal of consistency is hard to achieve. While you might be wondering where to start in your movement toward consistency, the first step is just believing that you can change yourself and your lifestyle to fit the new habits you want to have.

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Stay consistent is important in all areas of your life including in relationships, in work, and your home life. Consistency is valued because it means you are trustworthy and reliable. Consistency means that you do the same things regularly in order to establish trustworthiness, reliability, and confidence. Humans are not the only things that are consistent. Animals can also be consistent. You might notice that your dog likes to go outside at the same time every evening. Food can also be consistent. You might prefer to eat at the same few restaurants around town because you know you will always get a good meal. This can often be better than trying to find someplace new or the food might not be as good. The best way to learn about consistency is to first realize what consistency isn’t. An inconsistent relationship might be a partner that does not show up when you need them. They might answer your phone calls sometimes then ignore your calls for a few days.

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