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Over the course of these reports, we‟re going to be examining some of the most powerful and effective growth hacks known to the industry.



These are simple strategies that have been shown on countless occasions to accelerate the growth trajectory of any site: to help it gain more visitors, to earn more money and to increase its reach much more quickly than it would do by using purely conventional means. There are plenty of these growth hacks around as we will see and many of them can be highly successful. But growth hacks still don‟t make successful businesses. Neither will growth hacks work at all if there is not a solid foundation already in place. It is a mistake to approach any endeavor – especially in business – thinking that you can „hack‟ it and get success overnight. Websites don‟t explode with millions of visitors in a day. Instead, most successful websites are the result of consistent effort over many, many months and even years.

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